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Name: Songs of Kiguli

By: Kiguli Army Primary School, and Robinswood Middle School

Date: 08/15/2017

Info: Philip Matogo, an instructor at the Kiguli Army Primary School in Kampala, Uganda, began a journey with his students in 2012. By cooperating with PDMI Publishing, a small press in the United States, he was able to share the poetry of his students throughout Uganda and around the world. Before too long the project gained the attention of the public and the leadership of the African country and its neighbors. As the school’s reputation grew, Mr. Matogo was able to attract the participation of Robinswood Middle School, in Orlando, Florida.

Name: Like Herding the Wind

By: Cindy Koepp

Date: 01/2016

Info: A Mystery. A wounded path. An alien society with centuries of work to coexistent with humans, but someone isn't happy with the progress made. Will the human-alien team find those responsible before another human dies? In the 1600s, an Eshuvani generation ship crash-landed in a farmer's field in Germany. Unable to find the resources on Earth to fix their ship, the Eshuvani built enclaves and tried to let the humans develop without interference.

Name: The Silliest Dragon

By: Brian Rathbone

Date: 07/2015

Info: Dragons for Kids Sometimes the silliest dragon gets in trouble. In this illustrated dragon book, kids learn that everyone is silly sometimes... Includes bonus coloring pages!


Name: The Alien Mind

By: V.L. Jennings

Date: 09/2014

Info: Rivi may be human, but she's lived away from Earth for more years than she lived on it—first as a prisoner of the Aruk, and then as an adopted child of the Aunantet, where she learned to use the full potential of her mind in a way she never could have back among humankind.


Name: Bad News

By: Robert John Pratt

Date: 09/2013

Info: What do you do when the top news anchor is a serial killer? You tune in and watch, "Bad News"
It's about a news anchorman in Charleston, South Carolina who is a serial killer. He is reporting on his own crimes and his viewing audience is lapping it up...


Name: The Outrageous Tales of Aunt Margaret


Date: 05/2012

Info: Come and meet Aunt Margaret as she is being introduced to her great-great nephews by their mother in a bedtime story. She promises that there are many more crazy stories of Aunt Margaret to share. In this tale, she rescues her nieces and nephew when a basement hockey game goes awry and a stray puck breaks a pipe!

Name: Pedro The Pelican


Date: 07/2011

Info: Pedro is a Pelican who looks like and acts much like all the other pelicans. Until one day when his fisherman friend becomes ill. Then Pedro becomes a pelican who makes a difference. Pedro teaches us through his selfless act of caring that how we respond to a situation can make a big difference. Enjoy the story of one pelican who made a decision to be different. We may be only one but we can make a difference to someone.

Name: Dog Gone Confused

By: Amanda Schaffer

Date: 12/2011

Info: Dog Gone Confused is a cute book filled with wonderful illustrations that bring the story to life.
Ty teaches us that you can be a member of the pack; no matter what others think. Just believe in yourself.



Name: Ed Elf

By: Matt Ostrom

Date: 10/2007




Name: King Mt. Road

By: Matt Ostrom

Date: 10/2007




Name: Venisa

By: Matt Ostrom

Date: 10/2007




Name: Ashlynn


Date: 09/2006









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